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Unlock Pro Trading Insights & Shadow a Master Trader in Real Time With This FREE 5-Day Open House

As a Senior Trader, Managing Supervisor, and VP of Trading and Education for T3 Live, Derrick Oldensmith's 14 years of trading experience has made him highly sought-after industry mentor.

Known for his top-down approach that integrates day trading, swing trading, and portfolio management, Derrick produces professionals with a keen sense for condensing high-level market info into specific, actionable insights - of particular value to those managing funds.

In addition to running T3 Trading's largest trade desk since 2013, he's personally mentored 100+ entry-level traders, currently manages a group of over 70 professional traders, and works as a 2-time world champ martial arts instructor in his spare time.


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Master the ins-and-outs of trading with licensed pro trader, Derrick Oldensmith, and directly benefit from his hours of analysis and prep!

MARCH 14-18

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Unlock Pro Trading Secrets & Shadow a Master Trader in Real Time With This FREE 5-Day Open House 

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What You'll Learn With Derrick

Derrick breaks down sophisticated, high-value trading knowledge to help both beginners and seasoned vets of all kinds. No matter your skill level, you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge like:

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  • When to get aggressive in your trades

  • How to hone your instincts to become a master trader

  • How to parse high-level market info to make the right decisions for your fund

What You'll Learn with Derrick


Master the ins-and-outs of trading with licensed pro trader, Derrick Oldensmith, and directly benefit from his hours of analysis and prep!

Are you ready to transform your trading strategy?